2016 Spring LSP Luncheon Feedback Survey
Overall, how satisfied were you with the Spring Conference? On a 5-point scale, from very satisfied to very dissatisfied, how satisfied were you?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
1. What was the BEST part of the Spring Conference?
2. Other than scheduled content, what was the BEST aspect of the Spring Conference? (e.g., socializing, location, acknowledgment of LSPs, etc.)
3. Which aspect of the Spring Conference could be improved upon?
4. The IT Excellence Award is part of the Spring Conference. It's currently restricted to LSP Program members only. The purpose of the Award is to recognize LSPs who are accelerating their departments technological presence at the University all the while working closely with the LSP Community. What are your thoughts on the Award and more importantly, how can we improve it?
4. What professional development opportunities for LSPs would you be most likely to participate in over the next 6 months? (Select all that apply and/or add your own.)
Events/workshops to meet community colleagues
Training events to learn specific skills
Opportunity to participate in or view community events/workshops remotely (from your desk or home)
Special interest groups (SIGs) in a specific area

5a. Please comment or elaborate on your choice(s) for question #5, above.
5. Are you interested in being involved with the luncheon or future training initiatives?
6. Any additional ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc. about the Conference or opportunities for LSP professional development?
Thank you! Your feedback will help us improve the LSP Spring Conference going forward. We look forward to seeing you next year.